Time Difference. The main exhibition of the 7th Tallinn Applied Art Triennal.

The series of utensils made of polished precious stones titled “Cultured manners” by Belgian artist Octave Vandeweghe. Photo: Liina Lelov

While Greek mythology used to depict time as the wise old man with a grey beard known as Chronos, the contemporary personification of him seems to be a younger scatter-brained individual who is rather nervous and constantly rushing about. Both slowness (falling behind) and speed (extreme superficiality) have acquired equally negative connotations. At the same time, the sense of time is subjective. The pace of passing of time is not inevitable – its tempo and meaning are determined by our own choices and value systems.

At the main exhibition of the 7th Tallinn Applied Art Triennial applied artists and designers are working with different concepts of time through material artifacts. Alongside jewellery, glass, textile, blacksmithing, ceramics and traditional smaller formats, video and large-scale installations are featured as well. The main exhibition, taking place in the Estonian Applied Art and Design Museum, displays 49 works by artists from 19 countries. These works were chosen out of 256 submissions by an international jury. The jury also awarded three prizes to works exhibited at the main exhibition, read more here.

Organisers: Merle Kasonen, Anu Almik, Katre Ratassepp, Keiu Krikmann, Linda al-Assi, Kertu Tuberg, Maarja Niinemägi, Ketli Tiitsar, Kristiina Nurk, Kateriin Rikken, Maret Sarapu, Kadi Pajupuu, Triin Jerlei

Exhibition design: Karli Luik (ab Kontekst)
Graphic Design: Marje and Martin Eelma (Tuumik Stuudio)
Installation: Valge Kuup

Participating artists

Naama Agassi, Ulla Ahola, Monika Auch, Beverly Ayling-Smith, Sofia Björkman, Chloe Brenan, Lin Chang-Rong, Eunmi Chun, Sara Chyan, Johanna Dahm, Hilde A Danielsen, Patricia Domingues, Jurgita Erminaitė-Šimkuvienė, Sabin Garea, Ellen Grieg, Adam Grinovich, Dainis Gudovskis, Kay Guo, Anita Hanch-Hansen, Maarit Helistvee, Nils Hint, Trine Hovden, Katrin Kabun, Pille Kaleviste, Joshua Kosker, Eero Kotli, Riikka Latva-Somppi, Thérèse Lebrun, Krista Leesi, Felieke van der Leest, Jaakko Leeve, Ivo Lill, Nanna Melland, Johanne Ness and Hanne Overland, Silja Saarepuu and Villu Plink, Debra Sloan, Céline Sylvestre, Aet Ollisaar, OTSE! and A5 (Nils Hint, Annika Kedelauk, Rainer Kaasik-Aaslav, Annika Pettersson, Adam Grinovich), Yuka Oyama, Ruudt Peters, Annelies Planteijdt, Edu Tarin (in collaboration with Klein & Becker GmbH & Co), Octave Vandeweghe, Tanel Veenre, Estela Saez Vilanova, Lin Wang, Hedvig Winge, Kiyoshi Yamamoto