VARVARA & MAR Knitted Experiments / Experimenting while Knittingꞌ







Between 2012 and 2014 Varvara & Mar have produced a number of art pieces that talk about and through knitting: SPAMpoetryConnected, KniticKombiNeuroKnitting, and Circular Knitic. The artists have started with learning knitting as a production technique and proceeded with using this medium as craftivism and even developing their own open source knitting tools. Hence, the exhibition underlines the learning process of the artists: from on hand, starting from the simple shapes and gradually moving to the volumetric forms, and from another, hacking an existing obsolete knitting machine from the 1970s to developing their own knitting machine.

Varvara & Mar is an artist duo formed by Varvara Guljajeva and Mar Canet in 2009. They have exhibited their art pieces in a number of international shows and festivals. In 2014 duo has been commission by Google and Barbican Centre for creating a new art piece for Digital Revolution exhibition. And last year their public art proposal for Green Square Library and Plaza in Sydney was nominated for the final stage. In addition to that, they have been on nonstop residency tour for three years. The artist duo locates itself in the field of art and technology and is concerned about the new forms of art, innovation, and also the application of knitting in the field of digital fabrication. They use and challenge technology in order to explore novel concepts in art and design. Hence, research is an integral part of their creative practice.