About us

This website is run by Robert and Leelo.

It is a minimum viable product of an idea that was born in school cafeteria during a coffee break. It was coded while slacking in Frankfurt airport during 4 h transfer.

When visiting foreign countries it is comparatively difficult to find information about local art scene. Let us fix this issue for Tallinn.

Would you like to help?

It is very simple to spread the message. You can do several things:

  • Follow us on Facebook, like and share your favourite exhibitions (spreading the message)
  • You can always put our link on your website or blog (helps people to find our website)


How do we think we manage to keep this site up-to-date?

At the moment it is only two of us. And this site is near perfectly up-to-date when we manage to share some lovely exhibitions here.  But let’s see where the life brings us.